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Demystifying Twitter 1 - Getting Started

by Guy Griffiths of GGFit

Twitter is a public or private service that allows you to share tweets (text posts up to 140 characters) with your followers.

When we talk about twitter, we follow social media Tip #1, LISTEN, then ENGAGE, then FEEDBACK

Getting started

If you’re looking to get started, do some Listening. Go to and see what people are saying

You don’t need an account for this; just search for interesting keywords or people, and see what’s being said. If you want to start following a person or save searches, you’ll need to set-up an account

Getting Going

Once you’ve got an account, follow some people, send some tweets, and engage with your followers.

Keep listening

Once you’re up and going, don’t stop listening. Share content, keep following interesting people, and check what’s working for your strategy


Q: Is it expensive/What does it cost?

A: No, it’s free to set-up a twitter account, and costs nothing to tweet. You can purchase software to run corporate twitter accounts, which might save time for prolific twitterers, but many twitter tools are also free.

Q: Do I need a smartphone?

A: No, twitter can be run from any computer with internet access, just like e-mail. If you want to be able to tweet on the go, or respond to tweets away from the office, then a compatible phone is useful

Q: Is it addictive?

A: This depends on your personality/time management skills. Some people do spend a lot of time on twitter, the same way as some people send sms text messages a lot, but if you have a little focus or business sense, you’ll be fine

Q: Is it effective?

A: Yes, if you do it right, and if you measure effectiveness. Be sure what you are trying to achieve with twitter, e.g. more leads/customers, spreading your message, bringing people to your website/blog, increasing network

Q: How often should I tweet?

A: It depends on your business, what info you want to get out there, and what your followers want. Regular is good, but 10 tweets a day can be a bit much!

About Guy Griffiths:

A regular at SBN’s Muswell Hill and West Hampstead meetings, Guy is a coach and mentor working with individuals, small businesses and gyms on client acquisition and retention and social media management.

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