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I first attended a Small Business Meeting (SBN) in the Autumn of 2008 and have regularly attended ever since.  I have found it to be a really great experience and very profitable for my business.  During this time I have gained 8 clients directly from meeting people at the SBN meetings, and an additional 10 indirectly from recommendations of other members of SBN.  Mostly, these clients are repeat business.

There have also been less tangible benefits of attending the meetings.  This has included the skills and experience gained from others sharing their expertise or from the regular business talks that SBN hosts.  For instance, learning about new methods of marketing or any other aspect of business management has probably brought in other clients and improved profitability and efficiency.

For me their is no better way of working than being self employed - I couldn't go back to being an employee.  However, it can be isolating. SBN provides a forum to break the isolation and gives business owners a chance to meet for both personal and business ends. (April 2012)  

Michael Gainey, Director of N19 Accounts Ltd

I’ve been going to SBN meetings since I started my business s a shiatsu and movement therapist in November 2010 and it’s really helped me to learn vital business skills such as how to present myself, how to refine what I offer etc. I also love feeling much more part of the local community than I used to.(2011)

Geoff Hogan, Shiatsu and Movement Therapist

SBN is my favourite networking group of all the ones I go to - it’s informal, relaxed and everyone’s really friendly and welcoming. (April 2011)

Lucy Hall, Lucy’s Web Designs (for more info about Lucy’s services, visit this page)

I don’t think I would have got my business of the ground nearly so quickly if it had not been for SBN. My first two business clients came directly from networking within this friendly supportive group. (March 2011)

Sara Mallett, Benefacto - Local SEO

SBN is fantastic value for money. The networking I’ve done at just occasional meetings I’ve been to is beginning to add new skills to my business, including on a skills swap basis. The talks are excellent - and really adding in something I’m not getting anywhere else! I feel I’ve now ‘got’ networking and want to develop the relationships with people I’ve met by attending as often as I can.

Katharine Locke, Medical Herbalist and Iridologist (for more info about Katharine, visit this page)

Just a note of thanks for yesterday's SBN meeting [January 2011].  Lucy, who came with me for the first time, commented what a friendly and supportive group it is. Sara Mallett, Benefacto - Local Search Engine Optimistion for Websites

A wonderful platform to meet and share with like-minded people.

Helene Pennel, Danis Bois Method  (for more info about Helene, visit this page)

Where else can you share ideas, experiences and work with other self-employed people and small businesses?

Marcia Macleod, Journalist, Copywriter and Grammarian   (for more info about Marcia, visit this page)

A great opportunity to meet like minded business people, with great talks and workshops to keep you inspired and motivated!'

Jo Grant, Inner Guidance Meditation & Yoga (for more info about Jo Grant, visit this page)

After just a few meetings I sorted out my will, reduced my accounting costs and got some free healing sessions.

Kasia Rutkowsksa-Parkes, Spiritual Healer (for more info about Kasia, visit this page)

SBN is a friendly welcoming environment to make new connections, increase your network & do business. I wholeheartedly recommend SBN & see it as a useful addition to my networking.

Carmen Morris-Coulson, Plan My Life

A great way of meeting like-minded business people.

Chrissie Parker, Feng Shui for Life   (for more info about Chrissie, visit this page)

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