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The 2pm Business Talks, Masterminding and Spotlight Sessions:

Each meeting includes a specific planned activity, either a BUSINESS TALK, MASTERMINDING SESSION or BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT SESSION from 2.00-2.30pm.

Crouch End Meetings

Crouch End meetings are held upstairs at The Typists’ Bar, Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre, The Broadway, Crouch End, N8 9JJ

Next Meeting: Monday 24 APRIL @ 12.30-2.30pm

Cost: £10.00 non-members / £7.50 SBN members   

No need to book, just turn up


                                                          ACTIVE LISTENING with REBECCA FISHMAN


Click here for map and transport details for Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre (HTHAC)

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Are you confused about how social media can help your business, what platforms to focus on, or even how to get started? How do you make the most of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and what are the pitfalls as well as the advantages?  

These kinds of questions regularly flummox many small business owners. So, if you count yourself  amongst the mild to moderately dazed and confused, come along and join in the lively discussion that will no doubt ensue once the phrase ‘social media’ is aired!  Even if you’re doing OK, you may well learn something. And if social media is your job, then why not come along and share your expertise?


MONDAY 24 APRIL:  TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS INTERACTIONS THROUGH  ACTIVE                                                  LISTENING with Rebecca Fishman

Active listening is a communication technique to help develop more conscious and better quality listening which of course affects what we 'put out there' and the impact we have. It helps us pick up on more details, demonstrate understanding and interest and create better rapport and trust with the people we are interacting with.

Using Active Listening is guaranteed to heighten your impact in any business context: whether it be a client, investor, supplier or networking meeting.

About Rebecca

Rebecca Fishman is a Personal Development and Business Coach as well as a workshop and group facilitator and founder of Lab of Self. Rebecca enables clients to develop clear vision for their business as well as clear vision for their own development so that they can maximize their personal impact.

Clients learn to generate and apply insight, view issues from multiple perspectives and function better as communicating, collaborative, self-reflective individuals. Clients address logistic and strategic challenges and try out new ways of responding to situations and solving problems.

Rebecca has a Masters degree in Psychological Coaching and brings to the table deep caring for others, humour and a light touch as well as direct communication and a challenging spirit.