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Free  Business Coaching Session

A 45 minute session with  business and personal development coach
Rebecca Fishman

Choose from ONE of the following:

1. Introduction to Business Strategy

Rebecca says: business strategy is crucial. It provides long lasting direction for your company. It is the
blueprint showing you how to align all activities and choices in order to realize your business vision.

In this session we will look at what to consider when considering strategy. We will look at your current
strategy making process and assess whether it is sound: what elements and information are you taking
into consideration? How have you decided where you want to fit in the market and, in accordance to
this, what actions to take?

We will also briefly review your current strategy and check it's viability.

(This is a focused session so the main purpose is to support you in looking critically at your process.)

2. Elevate your Elevator Pitch

Rebecca says: at networking meetings you generally have a maximum of one minute to communicate what you offer, and why people should buy from you. This is about the same amount of time that you have in other situations when people ask you what you do for a living.

So it’s crucial to make a positive impact very quickly!

Unfortunately, most of us have received no training on how to deliver an ‘elevator pitch’ so we flounder and let nerves take over. This can result in lost sales.

In this session with we will consider:

~ WHY it is crucial for you to perfect your 'minute' and what its purpose is

~ WHAT the content will look like and how to craft it

~ HOW to nail your delivery

~ HOW to adapt the pitch to different audiences and situations.

I'll help you create a memorable message, engage with the audience and hold the listeners' attention. I also address the technical side (projection, non-verbal communication, physical presence) and overcoming fear ('stage fright').

How to claim your session:

Once you become an SBN member, let Liz know that you would like to book your coaching session and she will pass your details on to Rebecca. (Contact Liz on or 07984 930124.)

For more information about Rebecca, visit

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Rebecca Fishman - Coach at Lab of Self

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