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What Is Masterminding?

Need some advice about some aspect of your business? Perhaps you could do with some marketing tips, some help with social media, your business strategy, your admin or accounts?  Or are you planning a new project that you’d like to get some external feedback on?  

Even if everything is going really well in your business, external feedback is always valuable, and other small business owners can often be the best people to give it.  

Whatever your plans or challenges, masterminding is a great way to get helpful advice and suggestions from your peers in a supportive, friendly environment. Who knows - you may even get the answer to a thorny problem that’s been eluding you for a long time!

How Masterminding Works

SBN masterminding sessions last about 30-40 minutes.

We divide ourselves up into groups of about four people, and each person gets around seven to ten minutes to share a challenge (large or small) with the other three members in the group, who then offer advice and suggestions about that challenge. After seven minutes, we move onto the next person.

This can be a surprisingly effective way of solving challenges and learning from other people’s experiences. It also gives us an opportunity to get to know the other members of the group and their businesses in more depth, often resulting in more customers, interesting leads, new collaborations, ways we can help each other etc.

Our experience has been that whenever our meeting attendees try masterminding they are converted from sceptic to total enthusiast by the end of the session!

Currently, we occasionally hold a business masterminding session instead of a talk at our Muswell Hill meetings and they are an important part of the format of our new Bright Sparks Meetups at Zebra Cafe every couple of months.

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