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SBN offers North London Business Networking events in Muswell Hill N10. Here are some reasons to attend our networking meetings:

To Get More Customers:

The best way to do this is to attend our business networking meetings over a period of time. It’s rare to go to one meeting and get work - it does happen, but most of the time people have to get to know you and trust you before they will buy from you. Keep coming to meetings, get to know other members, be patient and you will reap the rewards.

To Find Services You Need:

Networking groups are great places to find tried and trusted professionals of all descriptions. At SBN you are NOT required to give referrals (we strongly feel that this creates undue pressure to give recommendations about people whether or not you actually trust or like them or their work). At business networking events like SBN’s you can get access to all sorts of genuinely good professionals you would never come across otherwise. People are only too happy to tell you about the excellent service they’ve received from someone and to pass on their details. It might not even be someone who comes to that networking group. Remember to ask around if you are looking for a particular service.

To Counteract the Isolation of Working for Yourself:

This is very important when you work for yourself. Very many small business owners are sole traders with no employees, working from home or travelling around a lot. Regular networking meetings can be a vital way to get out of the house, meet other people, have some human contact, and be part of a supportive business community. Which leads us on to...

To Be Part of a Supportive Local or Business Community:

Don’t underestimate this particular benefit of attending business networking events. Most of us have a deep, primal urge to be part of a community, particularly one with similar interests. Business networking groups, with their focus on running a small or medium sized business, entrepreneurship and creativity, are perfect for this. The type of people who are into business networking often tend to be friendly, motivated, interesting, creative, intelligent and enthusiastic - how could you resist!

To Form Collaborations with other Business People:

This is a frequent but often unexpected benefit of networking. You are very likely to meet people with whom you could form some sort of partnership which will bring in more money for both of you. For instance, you might end up running workshops with someone, or doing a special offer for their customers, or even going into business together.

To Swap Skills:

Sometimes networkers don’t pay each other for their services, they do a swap instead. This is of course particularly useful if you are on a limited budget.

To Get Access to Business Expertise and Training:

Here at SBN we offer free business talks as part of the meeting. This gives you a chance to learn something useful about running a business at the same time as networking. These talks can be so useful that they are the main reason why some business owners attend our networking events. Small Business Network has a popular 30 minute talk at the end of each Muswell Hill meeting.

To Build Your Confidence

Since attending networking meetings requires you to talk to people about what you do, and often to stand up in front of everyone else and tell them what you do, it is a great way to build your confidence in a supportive environment. If you’re nervous, remember that a lot of the other people there will be too! Plus you only have a maximum of 60 seconds in which to feel embarrassed!

To Hone Your Marketing Message

At networking meetings you have to get your message across about what you do (and why people should buy from you) as succinctly and persuasively as possible. This is true both in the general networking, and in the One Minute Go Round that groups like Small Business Network have. It’s a good skill to develop - you don’t have long to communicate what you do to anyone before their eyes start to glaze over, so you might as well learn how to make it as brief and interesting as possible!

Motivation and Inspiration:

Doing what you love is often a pleasure and a privilege - but turning your passion into a business and making it pay can at times be challenging and difficult. And however much you love something, you still have to do the mundane boring bits of running a business. All this can cause you to lose motivation. At times like these, it’s a good idea to go to a networking meeting - chances are you’ll come away feeling re-invigorated and re-inspired!

For more info about our business networking meetings, click here.

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