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London Business Network

SBN is a North London business network with regular monthly meetings in Muswell Hill N10. These meetings are open to any small business owner or freelancer who lives in or around North London - we even have some people who love SBN meetings so much that they come from even further afield, like South London!

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Our meetings are open to small business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, people who run their business from home, mumpreneurs, part-time business owners, as well as people who are starting, or thinking of starting, a business. We welcome both men and women and have a diverse and interesting range of businesses, from the more ‘conventional’ IT, marketing, financial, insurance side of things to more creative, artistic or natural health type businesses.

We find that the wide range of our members’ professions works very well for all concerned, creating diversity and interest and people who need each other’s services.

A significant number of our members also have more than one stream of income: small business owners are often very creative hard working types who are bursting with ideas and find that they simply can’t restrict themselves to only one business!

We pride ourselves on the informal, friendly,‘buzzy’ nature of our meetings. By this we don’t mean that they are frenetic, just that there is a lot of very productive networking and exchange of ideas going on!

Each meeting is two hours long and is part networking, part business talk or masterminding. We have been lucky enough to attract some very interesting, high profile speakers who have passed on some great tips on a range of business topics from email marketing to influencing skills, to social media and goal setting.

We also hold occasional masterminding sessions at both meetings. These are a great chance to get into small groups and get help with business challenges from the other members of your group.

So there is lots going on at SBN! Sign up to our fortnightly newsletter for meeting reminders, news and small business updates, come and join us at one of our meetings (no need to book, just turn up) or email Liz at I you have any questions.

For upcoming meeting dates, click here.

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