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What Makes Us Different?    How Can We Help YOU?

SBN is about informal professional business networking in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.     We are also about...

2) Affordability

We feel that it’s very important to be as affordable as possible for the people who need us most - small business owners, freelancers and start ups on limited budgets who want to grow their businesses. Our fees start from just £99.00 per annum (NO VAT), plus we have  a unique monthly payment option if you would prefer to spread the cost of payment, or want to try us out for  few months before committing to a whole year.  For more information on membership, click here.

3) Member Benefits

As well as access to all our meetings at the reduced cost of £7.50 per meeting, you also get

4) Diversity

We have an unusually diverse mix of business owners - from besuited professionals to hippy chic craftspeople! Many visitors to the group, who have prior experience of networking, comment on this aspect of SBN meetings and the ‘special vibe’ that we have.

This means that at a typical meeting you may come across any of the following: accountants, artists, business management consultants, cake makers, coaches, complementary health therapists, computer repair professionals, copywriters, craftspeople, creative writing experts, feng shui consultants, filmmakers, gardeners, graphic designers, hairdressers,  jewellery makers, language tutors, music teachers, natural health businesses, personal trainers, photographers, social media consultants, smartphone marketing specialists,  solicitors, therapists, virtual assistants, voice coaches, web design companies, yoga teachers etc. In short, our members are a very varied, very creative, very dynamic and entrepreneurial bunch!

5) No Limits

At SBN we don’t place restrictions on the numbers from each profession. At first glance you might think this wouldn’t work - if you aren’t the only accountant for instance, aren’t you competing for the same work? In our experience this is not the case. Your perfect customers will naturally gravitate towards you, and the same is true for your so-called ‘competitor’. And you will often find that you have a lot to learn from each other - you may even end up working on a project together. We feel that the world needs to move away from competition towards collaboration. There is space for all of us!

6) Recommendations are genuine and unsolicited

At SBN, members only give recommendations for other businesses if they want to. This means that you know you can trust any referrals you are given. Members are very active in using each other’s services, so referrals happen frequently and naturally. Members also often connect with each other for mutual support and inspiration.

7) Supportive Business Community

We love our local SBN business community! It’s grown so much since we set up in March 2007 and it’s great to see the connections forged, friendships made, help given and new business opportunities created. We firmly believe that growing our businesses together gives us a much greater chance of success than if we go it alone.

So.....Come And Join Us! We very much look forward to welcoming you!

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1) Business Growth Strategieses

Every small business owner needs to know HOW to run their business successfully. SBN helps you to do this through our 2pm Business Talks, our 2pm Business Spotlight Sessions and our unique networking/masterminding/coaching Bright Sparks Events.

2pm Business Talks: these 30 minute talks take place at the end of alternate monthly Sable D’Or meetings and keep you up to date with the latest trends in small business marketing, social media, search engine optimisation, offline promotion, customer relations, branding etc.

2pm Business Spotlight Sessions: these 30 minute sessions alternate with the talks at the monthly Sable D’Or meetings. During these sessions we focus on TWO attendees’ businesses by asking them questions about their entrepreneurial journey and the joys, challenges and learning experiences they’ve encountered in setting up and running their business. This allows the rest of us to get to know these people’s business products/services in more depth than is normally possible during a networking meeting. At the same time we learn more about running a business through the focus of that particular business owner’s experience.

SBN Bright Sparks Meetups: these are additional events (currently run every other month at Zebra Cafe) which are a unique and dynamic combination of networking, masterminding and coaching. They are facilitated by experienced business coach Rebecca Fishman with the aim helping you to leverage the expertise and knowledge of both Rebecca and your networking peers to address current business challenges, or new ideas that you’d like to explore. And of course, this event offers another opportunity in your calendar to get together, network and deepen the working relationships with fellow networkers. Click here for testimonials about the SBN Bright Sparks events