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What Are Business Spotlight Sessions?

In these sessions we focus the spotlight on three business owners in a very particular way - through asking some very specific questions about their businesses.

These questions mean that not only do we get to know these people's business in more depth, we also get some great insights into the entrepreneurial journey from that person's perspective that will hopefully be useful for all of us.

These are the kind of questions that will be asked:

How did you end up doing what you do?

What do you love about your business?

What service are you really providing?

What is the biggest challenge you currently face?

What three things have you learned that you'd like to pass onto others?

Would you like to be one of these three business owners we put under the spotlight this month?

If so, get in touch with me, Liz, at I allocate places on a first come first served basis*, so don't delay! (SBN members and non-SBN members are equally welcome to apply.)

(*With the proviso that I want to avoid focusing on businesses that are too similar in one session. If this happens, there will be plenty of opportunity to talk about your business at a future session.)

Would you like to be a question master/mistress?

If you'd like to ask the questions, let me know and I will allocate you to one of our businesses - it will be good to spread the questioning around a bit!


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