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Business Networking London

For great business networking London is a very good place to be! Visit the Small Business Network site to find out more about our unique combination of small business networking meetings,  business talks, business spotlight sesions and SBN Bright Sparks Meetups (a unique and dynamic combination of networking, coaching and masterminding in North London).

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London has a wide range of events and meetings for the small business owner to choose from, ranging from breakfast to evening events, with all shades in between.

This means that you can easily choose the type of event to suit your personality, budget and time constraints. Here at Small Business Network for instance we hold informal, low-cost two hour business networking meetings. Our monthly small business meetings are at lunchtime, and our SBN Bright Sparks events are in the morning. We are friendly and welcoming and our members range from accountants and IT professionals, to artists, craftspeople, caterers, chocolate makers, yoga teachers and alternative health therapists.

Who Can Benefit From Business Networking Events?

Any small to medium sized business owner can benefit from attending networking events, whether they are a sole trader or a limited company, whether part time or full time, whether they’ve been self employed for many years or are a new business just starting up.

Small business networking is a fantastic way to grow your business, to counteract the isolation of working for yourself, to get ideas and support from other business owners and to learn from any business talks, discussions or training held as part of the meeting.

London is a big place in which you and your business can feel like very small fry lost and alone in a large pond.  Regularly attending business networking events and getting to know the other business owners there is a wonderful way to become part of a local supportive business community. It is of course a great way to grow your business and get more clients, but has the added advantage of making you feel part of your local community - a rare experience in London.

Here at Small Business Network we pride ourselves on the strong local business community that has been forged over the years we’ve been running networking meetings in Muswell Hill  in North London. Our members benefit from our affordable fees, and our open, informal approach to networking (we place no limits on the numbers from each profession which means that you are free to make the contacts appropriate for your business). The kind of networking we offer is more commonly only available to women, but we are open to both men and women.

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