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For business networking events London has a lot to offer. Visit the Small Business Network site to find out more about our unique combination of networking meetings and business talks, business spotlight sessions and SBN Bright Sparks Meetups (a unique combination of networking, coaching and masterminding in North London).

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What Should You Expect From A Networking Meeting?

At most small business networking meetings you should expect to spend some time informally chatting to other business owners, particularly when you first arrive. It can be a bit daunting, even to experienced networkers, to turn up to a room full of people and be expected to find someone to introduce yourself to, let alone make conversation! A good tip here is to look around for someone else who is also on their own, and go over and say hello - they will probably be very glad you did. Or you could go up to a small group, tell them you’re new and feeling a bit nervous and ask if you can join them. They will most likely be very happy to take you under their wing.

Where two people are talking to each other check out their body language - if they are directly facing each other, this indicates that they are deep in conversation and it is probably best not to interrupt. If they are at a slight angle to each other then they are not so engaged and it is probably safe to politely ’move in’.

Your Chance To Promote Yourself

A part of most business networking meetings is usually devoted to giving the attendees a chance to introduce themselves and their business. You are usually given about 60 seconds to do this, although this can vary. It is not as scary as it sounds, but it can be best to go prepared. Try not to read from a script though and remember to engage in brief eye contact with a few people as you speak. At Small Business Network, we have what we call a One Minute Go Round about a third of the way through the meeting. It’s a really good way for you to find out more about the other people who are there and make a note of who you would like to talk to later. If it’s your first time, you are not obliged to speak if you prefer not to.

Structured Networking

Some meetings include a structured networking activity such as speed networking or masterminding. Speed networking is a quick way to get acquainted with what the other people in the room do - hopefully you will then have time later in the meeting to go and talk more fully to some of those people.

Business Masterminding involves breaking up into groups of about four: each person has an allotted amount of time (around seven to ten minutes) to tell the others about a challenge they are currently facing in their business. They are then given feedback, ideas and suggestions until it is time to move on to the next person. This is not only a great way to get solutions to problems, you also get to know the other people and their businesses in much greater depth than in normal networking,which often results in new leads and new clients.

Business Talks and Spotlight Sessions

Here at SBN the monthly meetings conclude with either a 30 minute business talk on some topic to do with running a small business or a business spotlight session in which two business owners are asked questions about their entrepreneurial journey so that we can both learn more about their businesses and gain valuable insights into from their experience of running a small business.

What To Talk About

Don’t feel you have to talk business all the time! Particularly when you first arrive or first start talking to someone, a good classic English ice breaker is of course the weather, or where you live, or how you got to the meeting. Business-wise, it is of course good to tell the other person what you do, and to ask them about their business. Do make sure you take the time to listen to them and ask them questions. Vice versa, if the person is talking too much about themselves, you might have to be a bit assertive in order to let them know about what you do. Don’t just think in terms of whether this person is a potential customer or not. Remember that even if it’s obvious right from the start that they aren’t, it might be that actually you’re their customer, or they might know someone who would be your perfect customer. Or, they might have a great business tip for you, or know a wonderful marketing consultant who will absolutely transform your business. They might even have the number of a great plumber or become a good friend!

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